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Learning from the Bees Amsterdam Exhibition

Learning From the Bees
Amsterdam Exhibition

Pazzanistraat 33
1014 DB Amsterdam

7-17th September
Opening times:
Monday-Saturday 14-20pm
Sunday 11am-18pm

Calendar of special events:

FRIDAY 7th Sept.

19:00 – 22:00
Exhibition opening event with special guests:
Cato Fluitsma with a musical interlude & Jonathan Berg who will guide us through a short anthropological presentation on the historical and contemporary meaning of the “bee story”.

SATURDAY 8th Sept.

14:00 Beewalk *guided by Ina Stoeten (SmartBeeing)
15:00 Beelab ** / guided by Kyra Cramer
15:00 Beewalk guided by Ina Stoeten (SmartBeeing)
Beelab / guided by Kyra Cramer

* Beewalk – guided walks through the park to visit the beehives.
** Beelab – Activity with artist Kyra Cramer looking at bees up close through a microscope.

SUNDAY 9th Sept.

12:00 Round table with BeeCare & Bee Heroes-
Art and social bee projects in Amsterdam.
15:00 BeeLab / guided by Kyra Cramer

TUESDAY 11th Sept.

16:00 BeeLab / guided by Kyra Cramer

WEDNESDAY 12th Sept.

15:00 – 19:00 “Learning from the Bees” at the schooltuinen Westerpark – bee observation sessions in the park.
15:00 – 17:00 Edwina Brinckmann-Rouffaer: Live drawing & Artist talk

THURSDAY 13th Sept.

14:30 BeeWalk guided by Nicole de Rop (Smartbeeing) (NL)

SATURDAY 15th Sept.

14:30 BeeWalk guided by Ricardo (Wellbeeing) (UK)
16:00 BeeLab / guided by Kyra Cramer
18:00 Film screening: “In the path of bees”. Toni Serra (Abu-Ali)

SUNDAY 16th Sept.

17:00 Film screening: “March of the bees” by Renée Schouwenberg and Ingrid van de Linde + conversation with the artists.

MONDAY 17th Sept.

Closing event at 18:00. Welcome!

Selected ecopoetic and ecocritical artwork to engender discussions and invite new ways of thinking about our kinship with the honeybee. Curated by Bee Time artist collective together with Dutch artist Kyra Cramer, Learning From the Bees explores ecological relationships, creatively proposing new possibilities for coexistence and regeneration.

The exhibition is created to give continuity to the talks and events presented at Learning from the Bees conference, which will take place in Doorn from 31st August to 2nd September 2018. The conference is focused on shifting the public gaze from contemporary commercial apicultural practices towards a Culture of the Bee, exploring how best to listen to the messages these pollinators are giving us about our relationship with the natural world. Selected video recordings from the conference will be screened alongside the artwork to share some of the ideas presented by scientists, bee-centred beekeeping initiatives, charities, NGO’s, honeybee conservation and environmental groups, artists, farmers and educators.

In the Path of the Bees, Abu Ali
In the Path of the Bees, Abu Ali

As a starting point, this exhibition is inviting the viewer to consider how domestication has become a form of subjugation, echoing an underlying belief of human dominion over nature. The honeybee, protagonist of change, of transformation and renewal, may be seen to be calling us ever more strongly to change our ways of thinking about the living world, to evolve towards a genuine and deeply felt ecological consciousness; a way of feeling and thinking that seeks to remedy the chasm we have created between humankind and the interdependent dynamic relationships and rhythms of the natural world, of which we are but an integral part.

To change the way we think, we need to expand our perceptions of who we are. And the bee, through the mystery of its being, is calling us to look at our behaviour and our core values. The expansion of our own identity leads us to a greater social awareness. And the bee metaphor takes us to a new vantage point; from an egocentric worldview to a to socio-centric one. When we look at the biology of the colony superorganism, we can learn something about the concept of the Hive Mind and its possible applications in our own social structures. Through collaborative and socially engaged art we creatively practice how it might manifest when we widen our identity from I to we.

One Degree Julia Valencia
One Degree Julia Valencia

Learning from the Bees sounds the voice of those who protest against the degradation of the honeybee to a mere honey making and pollinating machine, as well as those who propose participatory experiences that focus on restoration and remediation. Participating artists draw upon their relationship with these delphic pollinators to re-imagine our humanity.


Toni Serra *) Abu Ali / Spain – Morocco En el Camino de las Abejas Video 2018
Allison Hunter / USA In the Presence of Bees Video 2014-15
Sarah Hutton / USA Florid Photographic reproduction, 2013
Lydia Heath / UK Be.Clean (lament) Video 2016
Áine Stapleton / Ireland Queen of Vacation Video 2017-18
Louwrien Wijers / Netherlands Louwrien Wijers discusses Joseph Beuys Video
Lea Bradovich / USA Heart of Gold & Compound Eyes Hand coloured etchings, pastel and soy ink on paper 2018
John Stark / UK Wage War Oil on wood panel 2016
Edwina Brinckmann- Rouffaer / Netherlands The Luminous Queen & Drone’s Resurrection Charcoal on paper
Kyra Cramer / Netherlands Tears of Ra A light installation 2014
Julia Valencia / Spain One Degree Documentation of a site-specific installation in old, abandoned bureau at OniShi, Japan 2016
Lucia Loren / Spain “?” Biodivers Documentation of a site-specific installation in Carrícola, Valencia 2016
Lydia Heath / UK Worker.Be Photographic image 2016, Be.Clean (brush) video still 2016
Nika Lopez / Spain Dádiva Photographic documentation of performance action 2017
Nessa Darcy / Ireland Swarm Stories Sound Installation 2017
Angharad Barlow / UK The Bee Temple Participatory community installation 2018
Lia Martinali / Netherlands The Swarm-Art-Travel Artist suitcases 2011
Amy Shelton / UK Mellisographia Artist book 2007
Lynne Shapiro / USA Handmade Poetry books 2017
For the Love of Bee! collective – Maria Sezer, Nil İlkbaşaran & Güngör Erdem / Turkey For the Love of Bee! Artist book 2017
For the Love of Bee! collective – Güngör Erdem, Nil İlkbaşaran and participating students / Turkey Kara Kovan (The Log Hive) Artist books 2018
Mark Thompson / USA Immersion 16mm film project from 1973-1976

The Bee Temple, Angharad Barlow
The Bee Temple, Angharad Barlow

For more information about scheduled events check our facebook page

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