About us

It’s the act of weaving
to what we can call our art.

Our needles are bee stings, our thread is made of its flight, the tapestry – pieces of stories, memories that we see. We give value to the weak, to what is broken, to what is continually being redone.

  • Our vision – What is natural beekeeping?

    We cannot talk about bees without talking about the landscape they are in. We cannot talk about the landscape without talking about the human beings that inhabit the landscape with their cultural and agricultural practices. These are dynamic networks of interactions; relationships and patterns between honey bees ∞ the landscape ∞ human beings.

  • Who we are – BeeTime Team

    A research and artistic creation group that understands its work as a tool for change that acts by emitting resonances in the natural and social environment.

  • Legal notice

    How do we use your data shared with us? How do we understand The Authorship and the Collective Mind? and other technical and legal data about the operation of our website.