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Meet the artists – Bee Time September 2019


Welcome to our OPEN STUDIO next Thursday 19th of September from 18h to 21h30 at the Aula de la Naturaleza, Santa Lucía – Vejer de la Frontera.

OPEN STUDIO INVITATION / Photo-Installation by Philip Riley
OPEN STUDIO INVITATION / Photo-Installation by Philip Riley

September 1-22nd 2019, Santa Lucía, Vejer de la Frontera, Spain

Finding the Common Thread

We have a three week artist residency coming up in Santa Lucia with three invited artists: Lynne Shapiro [US], Rebecca Leach McDonald [UK] and Philip Riley [UK/CY]. We look forward to accompanying them in their respective practices, as well as finding the common thread that runs through our explorations.

/ Bee Time. Time to spend time with the Bees.

Lynne Shapiro

Lynne Shapiro is a narrative, lyric poet whose work and direction owes as much to her museum/art background as her experience as an amateur ornithologist and botanist. Her poems are infused by the architecture of the built and natural world. City Streets and urban culture (movie theatres, galleries) meet an ever-present, transformative natural world that conveys a daily desire for freedom, magic, rootedness and authenticity.

She is currently interested in connecting poems, seeing how they push and pull when yoked together, how certain words change, deepen, when a series of poems unfold. One reason she loves poetry is that it lives in a realm beyond realism or fiction. Her poems are made from elements of abstraction and reality and convey how both modes depend upon the other. Of late, her work has begun to open up spatially, moving off the page – into a new scale. In part, this is due to subject matter, her focus on place (public and private), the residue of memory – in edges and borders, sounds and silences – themes she explore through language.

Lynne holds a B.A., from San Diego State University, California, and an M.A, from Brandeis University, Massachusetts, both in Comparative Literature.

Rebecca Leach McDonald

Mythically Imagining Kings Cross, 2018
Mythically Imagining Kings Cross, 2018

Beckie’s practice brings together storytelling and learning for sustainability into participatory experiences that explore what it means to be human/animal within a fast-changing world. Her practice creates opportunities to engage with phenomenology (lived experience and the senses), and is inspired by systems theory and the idea that true beauty resides in acts of kindness and reciprocal exchanges between the human and more-than-human world.

During the residency she wishes to work on a storytelling show about bees, humans and gods, which follows the Greek Myth of Demeter and Persephone, and the stories of the Priestesses of the Bee Cults of Ancient Greece, the Mellisea, intertwined with myths and folklore about bees, auto-biographical stories, and facts and fictions about contemporary bee culture. This show will combine her visual arts, participatory and storytelling practices.

Beckie holds an MA in Art and Science (2018), a PG Cert in Academic Practice for Art Design and Communication specialising in Education for Sustainability (2015), a PG Cert in History of Art (2010), a BA (hons) Fine Art (2006). She is a graduate of the Deep Listening Institute, the Westcountry School of Myth and the International School of Storytelling.She has recently run projects for Tate Exchange and Tate’s Public Programme, ONCA Gallery and the V&A, and has worked in collaboration with the University of Oxford, the Government Office for Science and Global Generation. Alongside this she regularly self-organise story walks and workshops.

Philip Riley

Seed, Philip Riley - Paphos 2018
Seed, Philip Riley – Paphos 2018

Philip holds two art degrees from the universities of Newcastle and Brighton. In his second degree he specialised in printmaking. His work experience includes working as an illustrator in an education department at a zoo in Chester, as a teacher at Birmingham city museum and Art gallery, as an artist in residence in a school in Ipswich. Philip now lives and works in Cyprus, where he first worked at the Cyprus school of Art then in his own studio, at Coral Bay Paphos, holding several exhibitions across the island. Philip’s work has always sought to engage with the wider community, exploring the nature of the locale, in which he is working.

Bee Time Artist Residency #7, September 2019 Santa Lucía
Bee Time Artist Residency #7, September 2019 Santa Lucía

Jorge Gallardo, Pol Parrhesia and Karmit EvenZur, the Bee Time team, will take part as always, bringing their input to the unfolding work and participating in the invisible honey making.

With the support and collaboration of:

AV Pedro Esquivel – Santa Lucía & Fundación Provincial de Cultura de la Diputación de Cádiz.


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