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Holon – our first issue of the Hex Reflex Publication Series

This summer a long awaited, new project was born. Holon is our first self-edited publication. This first edition in the Hex Reflex Publications series, Holon is the result of the fourth Bee Time residency, which focused on honeybee colonies in the context of systems thinking.

Holón - nuestra primera publicación de la serie "Hex Reflex"

Holon is a monograph on art and ecology, a collection of essays and thought processes developed by the October 2017 Bee Time residency participants, who focused on the theme of systems thinking. They interacted with local beekeepers, farmers and systems thinkers in the area of Santa Lucía, Andalucía where we are located, to navigate the interconnections between various elements affecting local bee health.

The volume includes reflections and artworks by residents: Aine Stapleton (IR), Carrie Foulkes (UK), David Tann (UK), Laila Holwerda (NL), Sara Jane Glendinning (UK), Sandira Belia (FR), Susan Van Der Post (NL), Tricia Enns (CA), Jorge Gallardo (SP), Pol Parrhesia (BG) y Karmit Even Zur (IS/UK); Also present are texts by Isa Ibn Kamar, Sacha Bernal and Nora Plaza, whose interview ‘A guided tour to Sociocracy’ is also published in our blog.

Holón - nuestra primera publicación de la serie "Hex Reflex"

With an edition of only 100 copies, the printing of this first publication has subsequently been subsidized by Frontera Sur – the fund for artistic creation and cultural innovation of the Provincial Cultural Foundation of the Diputación de Cádiz, for which we are very grateful.

This publication, fruit of our fourth Bee Time residency, would have never come to its completion without the generous support of AA.VV. Pedro Esquivel – Santa Lucía, Apijanda Learning Community, Fundación Montenmedio Arte Contemporáneo NMAC, Sasha Bernal Coates – Kimiya Tactics, Ramon Gallardo Altamirano – Assoc. El Zaguán, Andrew & David – La Cuartilla, Joanna Crowson – Casa Gaia, Jesús & Esther – RAC, Nora Plaza – Asociación Agroecológica del Semillero, Nessa Darcy, Limor Kamin and all our invisible hands in Santa Lucía and abroad.

Thanks to all who have participated in the production process of this publication!

We leave you an extract to browse inside.

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Holon – Systems Thinking and the Ecological Approach
Hex Reflex Publications 2018 – Issue #1 – ISSN: 2605-3462
Pages: 144 / Binding: Soft cover / Language: English

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