Art and Ecology Research Projects

  • Bee Time Artist Residencies
    a space for creative research

    …during which we aim to introduce the participants to a bee centred approach to beekeeping, and a regenerative approach to the landscape. We equally aim to inspire towards a re-connection with our natural, cultural and social environment, and explore self-organizing principles inspired by hive consciousness.

  • Exhibitions – Socially engaged art projects

    Designing and producing creative projects to engage communities with a sense of place, unique to their bioregion.

  • Community Learning Initiative Apijanda

    A community driven initiative based on education and holistic beekeeping practices.

  • Social Cinema

    Since 2016, we have been working in two parallel directions; Exploring the local ecology, through the work with honeybees and exploring the local memory present in the fabric of the place we live in. We now see how these two things are interrelated. The camera, a collector of reality – creator of history and the infinite richness of the cinematographic medium, embraces the subtlety of our integral relationships, allowing us to build tactile bridges between ecology and memory.