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Santa Moviez

Santa Moviez was created when a group of teenagers with a script in their hands contacted us to help them make a film which eventually became a 25 minute short called Que Paso con Carol. The following summer, guided by the children, we repeated the experience which resulted in the short film Home is where the heart is. Responding to the impulse and growing interest, we held a series of workshops over the winter. Santa Moviez kids studied script, performance, camera and sound.

The following year, we planned to undertake a project that would allow the group to get closer to the history of the place they live in. Espuma de Oro (Golden Foam) was born during the summer of 2017 and came out as a documentary in April 2019…

The children interviewed the older generation of the village and re-enacted some of the stories they heard from them. We discovered together how inhabitants of the village are depositories of the intangible heritage of the area. They hold an accumulation of memories about traditions, ways of cultivating, anecdotes related to families, varieties of animals and plants that have ceased to exist, changes produced by the arrival of the new economic model based on tourism, the influx of foreigners and technological progress.

Through the process of creation, the children became aware of the immaterial knowledge which the interviewees held. At the same time, the process showed how it was possible to re-imagine the past in order to make a different reading of the present.

This project was co-financed by the Fundación Provincial de Cultura de la Diputación de Cádiz, within the General Plan of Heritage and Cultural Identity, 2018.