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Bee Time Artist Residencies

Art and Ecology Research

Application process on a rolling basis

To accompany the process of community building through the study and practices of beekeeping, we initiated the Bee Time artist residency program. By using practices of contemplation and imagination as a way of gaining new perspectives into the world of the honeybee, artists are invited to learn about bees and explore the possibility of creatively engaging with the hives within their landscape.

Bee Time Artist Residency is a place where participants share communal living during a period of three weeks. It is a space for creative research. During our time together we aim to introduce to the participants to a bee centred approach to beekeeping, and a regenerative approach to the landscape. We equally aim to inspire towards a re-connection with our natural, cultural and social environment, and explore self-organizing principles inspired by hive consciousness.

The artists can choose to focus on a particular theme related to the exciting world of bees, or follow their own line of work in relation to the bees and the landscape. The programme, which facilitates this collective research, usually includes visits to beehives and other projects of interest, talks with experts, workshops as well as the use of a specialized library.

We work in the spaces of the Aula de la Naturaleza, and a series of disused water miils, where the artists begin to materialise their research in order to communicate some of their explorations to the local community, which we do through our open studio days. At the end of our time together the projects may still be in their embryonic stage and we are happy to follow up after the residency and support the artists as they continue developing their work.

We host one residency per year during the Autumn. It is open to 4 artists and our application process is on a rolling basis throughout the year. Once we have chosen the candidates, our team and the candidates work together to look for grants to cover expenses. This usually includes looking at provincial, national and international funding.

Artists from all disciplines are invited to participate, as well as researchers in fields such as systems thinking, humanities, social sciences and deep and expanded ecology.


  • Bee Time Artist Residency #7, September 2019 Santa Lucía
    Bee Time Artist Residency #7, September 2019 Santa Lucía
  • Bee Time Artist Residency #6, Spring 2019 Santa Lucía
    Bee Time Artist Residency #6, Spring 2019 Santa Lucía
  • Bee Time Artist Residency #5, Autumn 2018 Santa Lucía
    Bee Time Artist Residency #5, Autumn 2018 Santa Lucía
  • Bee Time Artist Residency IV, Autumn 2017 Santa Lucía
    Bee Time Artist Residency #4, Autumn 2017 Santa Lucía
  • Bee Time 3 Artist Residency, Summer 2017 UK
    Bee Time Artist Residency #3, Summer 2017 UK
  • Bee Time 2 Artist Residency Autumn 2016
    Bee Time Artist Residency #2, Autumn 2016 Santa Lucía
  • Bee Time 1 Artist Residency Spring 2016
    Bee Time Artist Residency #1, Spring 2016 Santa Lucía
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