The Sun Hive prototype – The solar hive

… si no se tiene ojo para las formas, y no se pueden crear formas con un ojo que las ve, el espíritu se evaporará, se volverá abstracto e insustancial, y la realidad enfrentará a este espíritu meramente abstracto como una acumulación de materia sin espíritu… R. Steiner; extracto de una carta de 1905 El

Preparaciones Primaverales

Spring Preparations

This month of March, like every year, is dedicated to preparing the apiary before the arrival of the swarming season. “Apijanda” learning community has been creating a series of experimental mini-apiaries, in local organic vegetable plots. The idea is to offer the best living conditions for the honey bee colonies, without exploiting its resources and

cork hive

Andalucian Traditional Cork Hives

One of the endemic trees is Southern Andalucia is the cork oak (quercus suber). Of the vast cork oak forests of South West Spain, Portugal and Northern Morrocco today you can find them mostly in the natural park and biosphere reserve of Los Alcornocales. Traditional beekeepers in South West Spain kept their bees in Cork