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Spring Preparations

This month of March, like every year, is dedicated to preparing the apiary before the arrival of the swarming season. “Apijanda” learning community has been creating a series of experimental mini-apiaries, in local organic vegetable plots. The idea is to offer the best living conditions for the honey bee colonies, without exploiting its resources and altering its reproduction processes, giving them the possibility of regenerating their genetic information and expanding their ecological diversity.

The local police, like the firestation and the local town councils already know that they can call us for relocating swarms, therefor we have to prepare new hives, clean the old ones, and create the spaces for the ones who will be coming in the spring.

This month is a month of preparation filled with emotion and a trepidation for us, a bit like preparing the arrival of a new born baby. The space is prepared with great care and love. Who is going to arrive? Are they going to stay in the homes we made for them?

We’ve created traditional straw and cork hives, learning new hive-making techniques. We have cleaned the old layens boxes.

The craftsman’s noble work helps us to develop a relationship with the natural materials we are using. Engaged in community work, in our mutual support within the learning process. Collaboration between the hands and the heart.

The artist Alberto López Baena has been with us since the beginning. The gaze in blossom.

These activities are part of the programme to raise awareness and promote natural beekeeping as a cooperating agent in models of ecological restoration: ART FOR CHANGE, within the framework of the European Project There is no PLANET B! run in Spain by the Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity (FAMSI) and financed by the European Union through the DEAR Programme.


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