Arranca Municipios Sostenibles, un nuevo proyecto en la Janda

Sustainable Municipalities start up, a new project in La Janda

We are pleased to announce that our project Sustainable Municipalities: Facing climate change in daily life has been selected together with five other projects out of 152 projects submitted to the open call ‘Composing knowledge in order to understand contemporary challenges‘ by Daniel y Nina Carasso Foundation. The launch event took place on Monday september

SANTA MOVIEZ presents Espuma de Oro

SANTA MOVIEZ presents Espuma de Oro

Over the last four years, we have been working in two parallel directions; Exploring the local ecology, through the work with honeybees and exploring the local memory present in the fabric of the place we live in. We now see how these two things are interrelated. Santa Moviez was created when a group of teenagers

A Land of Milk and Honey / working title

A Land of Milk and Honey / working title

BeeTime visit to Israel/Palestine during the first two weeks in November will include visits to projects and meetings with people involved with natural beekeeping. Inspired by the honeybee, we will seek stories of collaboration and co-existence, of the possibility for peace as lived by people connected to the landscape and active in the social realm.

Meet the artists – Bee Time September 2019

ART & ECOLOGY – RESEARCH RESIDENCY – Welcome to our OPEN STUDIO next Thursday 19th of September from 18h to 21h30 at the Aula de la Naturaleza, Santa Lucía – Vejer de la Frontera. ART & ECOLOGY – RESEARCH RESIDENCY September 1-22nd 2019, Santa Lucía, Vejer de la Frontera, Spain Finding the Common Thread We

The Sun Hive prototype – The solar hive

… si no se tiene ojo para las formas, y no se pueden crear formas con un ojo que las ve, el espíritu se evaporará, se volverá abstracto e insustancial, y la realidad enfrentará a este espíritu meramente abstracto como una acumulación de materia sin espíritu… R. Steiner; extracto de una carta de 1905 El

El juego de las colmenas

The game of the beehives

Apijanda, Eco Mercado de la RAC en Los Toruños, Julio 2019 Nuestra última charla educativa sobre apicultura natural, dentro del proyecto ¡No hay un PLANeta B!, fue en el mercado artesanal y agroalimentario del Parque Natural Metropolitano de Los Toruños (Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz). Fuimos invitados por la Red Agroecológica de Cádiz (RAC) que

Bee Time Artist Residency #8, October-November 2019 Santa Lucía

Open Call Beetime #8 October-November 2019

ART, ECOLOGY & SCIENCE RESIDENCY October 27th to November 18th 2019, Santa Lucía, Vejer de la Frontera, Spain OPEN CALL for PhD and MA by Research students attending HEIs in the NW of England Extended Deadline for proposals: August 5th 2019 Attendance: Possibility to stay for two weeks or the full period Relational Maps Exploring