A Land of Milk and Honey / working title

A Land of Milk and Honey / working title

BeeTime visit to Israel/Palestine during the first two weeks in November will include visits to projects and meetings with people involved with natural beekeeping. Inspired by the honeybee, we will seek stories of collaboration and co-existence, of the possibility for peace as lived by people connected to the landscape and active in the social realm.

The Sun Hive prototype – The solar hive

… si no se tiene ojo para las formas, y no se pueden crear formas con un ojo que las ve, el espíritu se evaporará, se volverá abstracto e insustancial, y la realidad enfrentará a este espíritu meramente abstracto como una acumulación de materia sin espíritu… R. Steiner; extracto de una carta de 1905 El

El juego de las colmenas

The game of the beehives

Apijanda, Eco Mercado de la RAC en Los Toruños, Julio 2019 Nuestra última charla educativa sobre apicultura natural, dentro del proyecto ¡No hay un PLANeta B!, fue en el mercado artesanal y agroalimentario del Parque Natural Metropolitano de Los Toruños (Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz). Fuimos invitados por la Red Agroecológica de Cádiz (RAC) que

Preparaciones Primaverales

Spring Preparations

This month of March, like every year, is dedicated to preparing the apiary before the arrival of the swarming season. “Apijanda” learning community has been creating a series of experimental mini-apiaries, in local organic vegetable plots. The idea is to offer the best living conditions for the honey bee colonies, without exploiting its resources and

El Jardín Melífero

The Melliferous Garden

On March 1st, we begun our current project to raise awareness and promote natural beekeeping as a cooperating agent in ecological restoration models: ART FOR CHANGE, within the framework of the European Project There is no PLANET B! run in Spain by the Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity (FAMSI) and financed by the


BeeTime October 2018

Preparations for the open studio/ pop up exhibition on the last day of our residencies are always somewhat frantic. The slow pace we cultivate during the two week residency period are accelerated with the rush to prepare the space and the experience we want to share with our guests. By five pm on Saturday afternoon,

What we learned at the LFTB conference

Learning from the Bees, a conference about natural bee husbandry, took place in Holland at the end of August. It was a brilliant coming together of contemporary thinkers and do-ers who are actively engaged in changing the narrative about honeybee protection. There were over 300 of us coming together from over 30 countries, and that