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We share this moment of our encounter on Art and Ecology at the NMAC Foundation, held during the Beetime#4 residence, focused on System Thinking and the ecological approach. A context of conversation to collectively assemble a possible landscape on the aesthetics of the natural in art. An activity guided by Jorge Gallardo, based on the

Beetimers, October 2017

Beetimers, October 2017

Bee Time Artist Residency IV / October 16th-29th 2017 The upcoming residency is dedicated to Systems Thinking and the ecological approach, where we will be exploring the interconnected webs that contribute to honeybee health or crisis. We are happy to present the following artists who will be participating in this upcoming edition, in Santa Lucia:

Earth hives

Bee Time Artist residency July 2017

Participating artists: Cristina Ferrández [ES] / Ilaria Villagrassa & Roberto Ghisu [IT] / Florence Boyd [UK] / Jorge Gallardo Altamirano [ES] / Lynne Shapiro [US] / Nessa Darcy [IR] / Karmit EvenZur [IS,UK] / Veronica Marquez-Veytia [MX-ES] / Laila Holwerda [NL] / Joanna Laurie [AUS] & Lydia Heath [UK] & Pol Parrhesia [BG] as artistic


Bee Connected shirts

One of the unique experiences we have when working with the Bee is an embodied awareness of interconnectedness. Often, during our residencies, participating artists find themselves engaged in mutually enhancing relational dynamics with each other, with the beekeepers they meet, and with the landscape they inhabit. Sarah Dowling, who came to our October 2016 residency


Bee Time radio interview

In Vejer de la Frontera, just before Easter Sunday, on a day when the streets were filled with people attending the traditional bull run, a swarm of bees flew into the main street and settled on a shop window. Much to the horror or the town council who organized the event, the bees flew to

Verano 2017 Residencia artística Beetime UK

Bee Time UK, Summer 2017

Emocionadas de sumergirnos pronto en nuestra próxima residencia Bee Time en Emerson College UK, os invitamos a encontrarnos en Onca Gallery el día 15 de julio en nuestra Charla-Espacio abierto de Conversación y el sábado 15 de julio en la exposición-muestra final de trabajos en Emerson College. En esta edición trabajaremos y aprenderemos con el

EL Cubo Verde V. Espacios de arte en el campo - Facultad de Bellas Artes UCM

El Cubo Verde V. Espacios de arte en el campo

El Cubo Verde V. Espacios de arte en el campo Encuentro: 9 de mayo / Exposición: del 9 al 19 de mayo 2017 El Cubo Verde es una red informal que aglutina iniciativas de arte en el campo y cuyo principal objetivo es promover el encuentro e intercambio de conocimientos entre las diversas “experiencias” de

Encuentros de Arte y Naturaleza en Andalucía

Art and Nature Projects in Andalucía

Encuentros de Arte y Naturaleza en Andalucía Espacios, residencias artísticas y actividades 21 de febrero de 2017 · Facultad de Bellas Artes · Calle Laraña, 3 – 41003 Sevilla ‘El medio rural se nos presenta hoy día como una oportunidad para llevar a cabo proyectos sostenibles de vida y de cultura. Los espacios de creación