A glimpse from ‘Honey In The Heart’

A documentary about people
who’s hearts have been touched by honeybees.

We are glad to let you know that we have begun editing the many hours of footage we filmed during our visit to Israel and Palestine last November. Here we have a short excerpt of the unfolding story that we are happy to share with you today, on World Bee Day 2020.

During this visit, organized by Yossi Aud, a bee advocator and initiator of many bee related projects in Israel, we met many people who’s care for the environment and the bees is opening doors to a variety of social projects and heart warming collaborations.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse of our project ‘Honey in the Heart’ and stay tuned for the full documentary. Meanwhile you can read a little more about this very special trip we were lucky enough to make, supported by many hearts full of honey.

If this project moves you as it moves us, please consider supporting its edition here.


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