Bee Time Team

Karmit EvenZur · Artist, program co-ordinator  & co-founder of Bee Time artist residencies

Karmit EvenZur - Geomante y co-fundadora de residencias artísticas Bee Time Karmit’s work history spans diverse experiences, interests and competences from the healing arts, and the arts & crafts world. Her unique skill-set provides a deep perspective for transformational work, and in working with soul searching questions. Her studies encompass human ecology and earth healing modalities as well as energy healing systems and shamanic practices. Karmit‘s work focuses on developing sensitivity to living systems in nature – cultivating an awareness of the wild, the unseen, and the conscious aspects of the Earth. She facilitates courses at Earth Speaks and at the International School of Storytelling (UK).

For the past 8 years, she has been practicing natural beekeeping. In 2015 she planted a seed with natural beekeeping workshops in the area of Vejer de la Frontera, which led to the creation of the natural beekeeping learning community, ‘Apijanda’, and the development of Bee Time Artist residencies.

Jorge Gallardo · Artist & co-founder of Bee Time artist residencies

Jorge Gallardo - artista y co-fundador de residencias artísticas Bee Time

Creator and researcher in the field of performing arts.  Since 2014, Jorge has collaborated in the management of educational programs at the Water Mills of Santa Lucía (Cadiz), offering an extended vision of ecology. Together with the neighborhood association ‘Pedro Esquivel’ he continues to develop a program of cultural activation with the local community. Within these community action projects, he has joined forces with Karmit Evenzur and Pol Parrhesia for the organization and management of the Bee Time residencies.

In his doctoral research ‘Conscious Epiphany’ he develops ideas about the Art’s capacity to generate spaces in which social groups can appropriate artistic tools, dismantling the ideas of profession and the roles of authorship. This research also addresses the body’s technical capabilities in action that make it possible to transform the gaze, developing a stimulation of the capacities of the being in connection with the environment and its memory.

His work can be viewed at

Pol Parrhesia · Artist and co-founder of Bee Time artist residencies

Pol Parrhesia
Photo by Jorge Gallardo

Pol Parrhesia [Polina Stoynova Pol – BG 1978] works within the field of visual and action art, aiming to create an experience of the invisible. She investigates the subtle braking point in which our perception has an opportunity to change and adopts the term parrhesia with the longing, to keep alive the necessity of being truthful to oneself; as driving force and container of all practice.

Trained in graphic design, fine arts and audiovisual, her work takes shape in the creation of objects, spaces and contexts for intimacy, curatorship and in parallel, cinematography for filmmaker Ignacio Guarderas.

Since 2016 she collaborates in the socio-cultural and educational project of the neighborhood association ‘Pedro Esquivel’ in Santa Lucía and begins her study of natural beekeeping in the Apijanda Learning Community. Together with Karmit Even-Zur and Jorge Gallardo she co-creates and develops the Bee Time Artist Residencies.